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<< Quality means doing it right when no one is looking >> Henry Ford

It has been always our key word since Imer was a very little factory with only four faithful collaborators. Quality, quality, quality…


The obsessive care to the product excellence, thinking about innovation have been the key words that let the dream of a very young entrepreneur become reality.


The high quality profile is a constant in its production, thanks to the careful selection of local raw materials, to the application of the most updated working and production methods that spring from the experience got from 30 years of experience, to a structured organization and a qualified team that guarantee quality and efficiency from the production departments to the commercial and distribution network.


All that determines the competitive advantage of IMER Srl – ISO 9001 certified company – and guarantee production capacity, quality control and well-made, functional and practical products in terms of application and maintenance; unique products thanks to the care we put in the finishing phase.


Sands from natural stones, marble grits: only natural raw materials rigorously selected for products of high quality and aesthetic profile able to respond to the requests and needs of an increasingly demanding and qualified market. These are the values on which IMER has been shaping its Mission .

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